Position: Forest Mentor for EPIC Learning Centre

Commitment: January 2022 to June 2022 

Location: Greater Victoria B.C. 

Compensation: $25/ hour. Paid preparation time, professional development funds available and paid sick leave are some of the benefits included in the position.


EPIC wants: more tree climbing, more gardens, more ritual, more Mother Earth warriors, more “wild in the child”, more respect, more bird song, more “I want to go to school today”, more soft hearts, more outdoor math, more curiosity, more salmon spawning, more free play, more sit spot time, more foraging, more no-trace lunches, more risk takers, more hide and seek, more tide pool school, more skill sharing, more respect for sacred spaces, more mud kitchen, more hugs, more public art, more science experiments, more laughter, more owl pellet dissection, more empathy, more critical thinking, more ways of knowing, more dance, more intergenerational learning, more gratitude, more wild bee sanctuaries, more smiles… 

EPIC Learning Centre is looking for a passionate individual with wilderness training to co-lead fifteen K-1 learners in our innovative nature-based Distributed Learning program. The Mentor is an individual experienced in outdoor education, with a passion for ecological and botanical knowledge and a toolbox full of activities rooted in nature connection. 

EPIC Learning Centre operates three days/week with learners spending the majority of each day outdoors in the woods and fields of Power to Be at Prospect Lake. We also go on field trips around the Greater Victoria area. Some days, depending on the site, one to two hours of exploration and discovery happens indoors. 

The Mentor is an integral ‘space holder’ for learners. This individual facilitates the creation of a brave and empowering container for learners to thrive. A key role for this position is to support learners to connect to themselves, one another and the natural world. The mentor works along the BC Certified Teacher as a member of the EPIC Learning Team. 

You embody caring leadership that is both strong and warm with a desire to be the children’s compass point. (Is a compass point is when children look to you for support, information, direction, and wisdom.) You desire to build emotional safety within the “classroom” by: building the right kind of relationship with each student, protecting that relationship when things get tough, and responding to challenging behaviours in a supportive way to preserve a child’s emotional health.

Are you passionate about changing the way education traditionally happens? Do you love to get muddy from head to toe, pause to see a slug in action, know how to bring children into circle and incite connection and build community? We seek those with creative ideas about how to spark learning in a nature-rich environment.

Primary Duties and Responsibilities:
● 3 days per week; 7 hours per day. (Tuesday – Thursday)
● Collaboratively plan and implement EPIC Learning Centre curriculum. The
Mentor contributes activities through the lens of a program-trained forest
● Adapt curriculum to meet the needs of a diverse group of learners.
● Support the development of an emergent and responsive curriculum based on
children’s inquiries.
● Meet with the Teacher to plan the curriculum activities prior to on-site time
and debrief daily.
● Actively participate in the EPIC community including off-site meetings with the
EPIC Learning Team and/or Seed Community.
● Communicate clearly and effectively with learners, parents/guardians,
Learning Team and Seed Community both in-person and electronically.
● Support students to maintain proper hygiene and nutrition.
● Cultivate a reflective practice to investigate how learning/teaching goals align
with those of learners, as well as with EPIC’s values.
● Interest in receiving specialized paid professional development training and
continued enrichment of learning independently or in a team setting.
● Commitment to EPIC’s mission and vision.

Qualifications/Previous Experience:
● Trained as a Wilderness/Forest Practitioner or extensive
outdoor experience
● Facilitated activities designed to foster a deep connection to the natural world.
● Familiarity or curiosity of the attachment-based developmental approach:

  1. To keep a child’s heart soft.
  2. Create a culture (rituals and customs) of connection.
  3. Use an insight-based approach to addressing problem behaviour
  4. Preserve the relationship.
  5. In the words of the Neufeld Institute, EPIC aspires to “Work together
    towards: emotional health and well-being, keeping children safe in a
    wounding world and support the unfolding of full student potential.”
  6. Taught primary children.
  7. Facilitated multi-aged cohorts and adapted lessons to meet the needs
    of a diverse group of learners.
  8. Facilitated learning with an inquiry-based lens.

    The Ideal Candidate:
    ● Wilderness or Forest Practitioner or extensive outdoor
    ● 3-5 years teaching experience
    ● Experience with curriculum/activity development for primary-aged children
    ● Ability to flesh out curriculum within EPIC’s core themes
    ● Exhibits emotional self-awareness
    ● Highly adaptable and takes initiative
    ● Able to work independently as well as collaboratively with other educator(s)
    ● Risk-taker and effective problem solver
    ● Practices attachment-based developmental approach (e.g., collecting before
    directing) and is confident in ability to create a culture of connection
    ● Uses clear, compassionate, respectful communication skills
    ● Knowledge of West Coast botany, history, local culture and Indigenous
    Peoples local to the area
    ● Experience with extended periods of time outdoors
    ● Wilderness or Remote First-Aid and CPR Level C Certificates
    Uncertain about the skills and experience we desire? We still want to hear from
    dedicated, passionate individuals looking to serve (and open to skilling-up).

    Start Date:
    ● January 10, 2022

    To Apply:
    Please submit a cover letter, resume and 2-3 references to EPIC Learning Victoria
    by email at Please title the subject line “EPIC
    Mentor Position 2022”. Send any questions to the same email address.