Week at a Glance

Onsite Learning – Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday

Three, 5-hour days of dynamic experiential learning in nature.

  • 2 days with a BC Certified Teacher
  • 1 day with a forest mentor & community member (Guide)

Our learning team of teachers, mentors and guides holds space for discovery and inquiry by initiating the rhythms and rituals of the day. The team collaborates with learners to determine how everyone will explore the learning branches.


Workshops led by interested parents and community members (guides) are integrated into the EPIC year.

EPIC’s long-term vision is to add two optional workshop days per week to increase accessibility and unique offerings. This would accommodate families seeking a five-day centre for their children. These workshops will be interconnected with and complementary to the three days per week of onsite learning. We recognize that our community members have tremendous knowledge, skills and gifts to share in creative arts, trades, sciences and overall life skills. With community being an integral piece of EPIC, workshops allow us to reach out and garner the wisdom of our community’s collective knowledge.

At home: 2 days, Monday and Friday

As a blended DL, a portion of the week occurs at home. Some families may choose to participate in other led activities — like drama, sports, or dance — while others may play and learn at home. Together with our EPIC learning team, families will create a personalized Student Learning Plan (SLP) in September. The record of home learning must be communicated by parents to the Ministry through a simple and convenient online platform.

EPIC Community Gatherings

Community times are an incredibly important aspect of EPIC. These gatherings bring all of the EPIC Community Rings together: Seeds, Roots, Pollinators and Forest. The gatherings invite us to create bonds with each other, share meals and participate in workshops, rituals and celebrations as an inclusive community. Gatherings are also a place to seek support from other families.

Learn more about upcoming gatherings here.

Year at a Glance: Learning Map

The EPIC curriculum year is divided into three, 10-week trimesters. Each trimester is broken into distinct, yet connected learning branches which are 2-4 weeks in length (see image). The intentional flow of the learning branches enables the learners to integrate knowledge from previous branches into their current stage of learning. This linked journey of learning continues throughout the curriculum year and creates the philosophical underpinnings of our EPIC Learning environment.

EPIC’s curriculum is deeply rooted in community and nature, and is aligned with BC’s curricular core competencies.

Learn more about Blended Distributed Learning

Questions? Email us: epiclearningvictoria@gmail.com