EPIC Learning Centre empowers children to co-create ecological and inclusive communities.


  • Children are ​valued and seen.​ Each individual child follows their own path with the respectful loving guidance of the community.
  • Children develop an integrated ​connection to self​.
  • Children are active members of the community with ​agency and power.​
  • Children’s creative play is essential to learning and development.
  • Children see beauty surrounding them. We affirm that this beauty is inherent to us all and is a source of our interconnectedness.
  • Children​ fall deeply in love with the Earth,​ leading to a commitment to protect the natural world.
  • Children are​ supported in communicating w​ith one another respectfully. Conscious communication is seen as fundamental to the learning experience.
  • The bonds between children and community are ​mutual and supportive.​
  • Self-awareness ​is cultivated and ​diversity i​s celebrated.
  • Systems of privilege and oppression a​re actively challenged.
  • We​ honour indigenous lands, cultures, relationships and ways of knowing. We seek to consciously incorporate this knowledge into our words, teachings and actions.
  • We are all committed to our ​continual learning.​
  • Children are co-teachers.

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