Meet us

We are a group of individuals and families who were drawn together because of a collective desire to change the way that education happens in our community. Creating a socially conscious community, as well as one that strives to nurture and protect the natural world, is the driving force behind our desire to be part of EPIC.

Danika Surm
Mother ~ Dreamer and Schemer ~ Birth Activist ~ Do’er

Lindsay Coulter
Community Catalyst ~ Compassion Cultivator ~ Environmental Leader ~ Courageous Conversation Starter

Angèle Verrier
Heart Educator ~ Optimizer ~ Earth Goddess ~ Miracle-Maker

Jochelle Pereña
Dance-Maker ~ Mother ~ Visionary ~ Teaching-Artist

Nicholas Fodor
Connector ~ Philosopher ~ Artist ~ Mentor

Chris Shaw
Scientist ~ Rabble-Rouser ~ Activist ~ Dad

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