Community is at the heart of EPIC. We imagine our expanding communities like the rings of a tree or a ripple in the sea:

Seed Community

We are a group of individuals and families who were drawn together because of a collective desire to change the way that education happens in our community. Creating a socially conscious community, as well as one that strives to nurture and protect the natural world, is the driving force behind our desire to be part of EPIC.

Roots Community

The Roots of EPIC are embodied in the learning team, parents, learners, and passionate members. EPIC is a participatory centre, meaning that active involvement is key to the creation of our community and to our learning values. For EPIC to be successful, we need engaged families. There are multiple ways in which to be involved: onsite parent volunteer, workshop facilitator, behind the scenes support and in EPIC community gatherings.

Pollinator Community

EPIC’s doors are open to work with other groups and organizations that are aligned with our values and principles. Together we are stronger and can provide richer, more diverse, and sustainable offerings to our communities.

Navigate NIDES is part of our Pollinator Community. NIDES is an umbrella organization that oversees Heartwood Distributed Learning province-wide. NIDES provides EPIC with administrative and teacher support and liaises with the Ministry of Education for the provision of funding on our behalf. NIDES also offers guidance and resources for parents and learners. To learn more about NIDES, please contact Marieke Holtkamp, Vice Principal of Heartwood Learning:

Please connect with us and become a part of our EPIC Network.

Forest Community

The forest in nature is a vast area of complex systems and interconnections. At EPIC, the forest community allows for someone to be an active influence from close and far. The EPIC Forest Community is growing, and we will continually seek to include more individuals and groups. Biodiversity strengthens an ecosystem. Social diversity strengthens communities.