Ecologically emPowering Inclusive Communities

EPIC Learning Centre (EPIC) is a community-created, nature-based K-3/4 blended distributed learning (DL) centre in Victoria, BC.

Learning at EPIC is deeply rooted in the natural world and our goal is to build a multi-generational, diverse learning community.

EPIC is in its first iteration. We opened in 2019 with three days of on-site learning. Families continue their learning at home on other days of the week.

EPIC works in collaboration with Navigate NIDES from School District 71 (SD71) as a part of the Heartwood Learning Community. While we are administratively associated with SD71, we are Victoria-based and learners do not need to be located in SD71 to participate.

We are more than a centre…

We are a community consciously creating an opportunity for children and adults to come together to discover, create, play, reflect and learn. Diversity and choice of learning options are essential in a community. EPIC seeks to offer families a centre in which delivery of curriculum mirrors the shared values of connectedness with nature (CWN) and community.

CWN: “…a stable state of consciousness…that reflect, through consistent attitudes and behaviors, a sustained awareness of the interrelatedness between one’s self and the rest of nature.”

Zylstra et. al, 2014